PLEASTE NOTE:  We are constantly adding equipment.  If we don't have what you need, we will find it!

Drum Kits and Hardware

Kits- Extensive DW Kit with dual 24" Bass Drums, Pearl, Yamaha

Snares- DW, Ludwig, Pearl, Pork Pie, and Yamaha, in Maple, Brass, and Steel

Cymbals- Extensive Sabian AA, and Zildjian sets, China Cymbals, and Chimes

Pedals- DW 9000 Single, and Double, Pearl Double Chain Single and Double, and Misc. Others

Hi Hat Stands- DW9000 3 Leg, DW 5000  2 Leg, Pearl 3 Leg, and Misc Others

Booms- DW 9000, Pearl Pro Level, Misc Others

Snare Stands- DW 9000, Sonar, Pearl, and Misc Others

Thrones- DW 9000, and Pearl Tractor Hydraulic

Roto Toms, Timbales, Conga Set, Cajon, and Misc. Shatkers, Tambourines, Cowbells, etc.

Acrylic Drum Screens, Risers, and Access to all Major Brands of Sticks, Gels, and Heads

Bass Amplification

Heads- Most Rider Compliant Ampeg, GK, and SWR, and Misc. Others

Cabinets- Most Rider Compliant Ampeg, GK, and SWR Cabs, and Misc. Others

Tech 21 ParaDriver DI

Guitar Amplification

Combos- Most Professional Fender Tube Combo's, Vox,  Roland, and Misc. Others

Heads- Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Misc. Others

Cabinets- Marshall 1960 Stacks, Mesa Boogie, and Misc. Others

Vintage Leslie 122 Rotary Cabinets Available

Keyboards, and Organs

Large Selection of Pro Level  Hammond, Korg,  Kurzweil, Nord, Roland, and Yamaha

Hammond B-3's, electronically restored- One B-3 Case, one Re-cased for Transport Durability

2 Leslie 112 Rotary Cabinets

Dual Roland KC-550 Keyboard Amplifiers

Apex, and Ultimate single, and multi-level stands, including a faux Grand Piano Case


Electric Guitars- American Fender Stratocasters, and Teles, Assorted Les Pauls, and Misc. Others

Electic Bass- American Fender Jazz and Precision, in 4, and 5 Strings, and Misc. Others

Acoustics- Breedlove, Gibson, Martin, Takemine, Yamaha, and Misc. Others

We can supply many others instruments, please contact us.


All Nescessary Guitar Boats, Vaults, Workstations, and Hercules Stands

Most Common Tuners, and wide pedal selection

Custom TourBox Cables