First, and foremost, we are musicians, music lovers, and gear heads.  We combine true touring, and other related musical, experience, with general business, sales, marketing, transportation, and purchasing, experience, to create a 1+1 = 4, team of professionals. Our combined goal of making any show, or event, the best it, and most stress free, it can possibly be, to everyone involved. 

Jeff Corbett

Jeff created the company in 2010.  Born and raised in the Wichita, KS area, Jeff has had a passion for music since a very young age.  Jeff was working professionally for local sound companies, running soundboards, in his early high school years, under the supervision, and mentorship, of seasoned touring professionals.  Jeff started his touring experiences while under the age of 18.  Since then Jeff has travelled the world with bands in positions ranging from guitar player, to Tour Manager.  Jeff's touring experiences range from being a backline/guitar technician for Mick Jones,  Keith Emerson, Rickie Lee Jones, and Motorhead,  to Monitor, or FOH Engineer, for Dio, Asia, Uriah Heep, Warrant, Cradle of Filth, the New York Dolls, and the Zombies, to production, and tour management responsibilities, for the Jimmie Vanzant Band (also played guitar in this band), Asia, Opeth, Warrant, as well as Production, and Stage Management Duites, for many large music festivals, fairs, and events across the US.  Jeff's biggest assets to our team are his well trained ear on monitors, and FOH, his years of experience on all things backline, his ability to communicate with any artist on the same technical level, and the speed at which he can solve any sort of issue that can happen during a performance.

Jeff Mueller

Jeff Mueller was the driving force between bringing the Mueller Brothers, and Jeff Corbett, into a business relationship at an event in Wichita, this past summer.  Like Jeff Corbett, Jeff has been a guitar player since a very young age but went more of a corporate route after leaving Wichita, for Denver, and now Ft. Collins, Colorado.  All the while music has been a passion, and he has always had an extreme interest in researching guitars, and the gear associated with it.  Jeff's large collection of new, and vintage instruments, has also been a large part of how we have developed a nice collection of backline gear, so rapidly.   Jeff knows how to find high quality gear, at great prices, using the internet, and word of mouth. Jeff's desire to learn the technical side of  musical gear has, and is contributing to the products we are on the verge of putting into the market place.  The biggest assets Jeff brings to the team are his desire to understand the technical side of the gear that we provide, his ability to negotiate with suppliers, and buyers, his ability to look at both the current business, and long term business, and his ability to do whatever it takes, to satisfy the needs of artists, promoters, and venues.

Matt Mueller

Matt Mueller is another gear head, and want to be guitar player, who took the corporate route after college.  Matt has been in sales, and marketing, since college travelling the country, and world, selling products to large retailers.  During that time, Matt has been involved in music on different levels.  Matt has been responsible for marketing, promoting, and booking, for successful regional acts.  During that time Matt also worked at lot of Gig's with Jeff Corbett, and ultimately purchased his own sound equipment for small to medium sized venues.  Matt uses his business background to manage a lot of goes on with TourBox, and his sales, and marketing, experience to help spread the word about TourBox.  Matt is our main contact for promotors, sound companies, and artists, and works hard to represent TourBox in a professional manner, and seperate our company, from others.  Matt has a passion for business, and music, and combines the two to manage the business.  Matt's biggest assets to the company are his organizational skills, his ability to relate to others in a cordial, and fun, yet professional manner, his broad understanding of everything involved in a production, and his ability to go above and beyond to make an event successful.