TourBox is a Backline Services, and Production Management, company, with the goal of being the largest, and most trusted, in the industry. Before receiving the name of TourBox, in 2008, and revamping with a focus on backline in 2014, the company has been a full scale production company, for the last 14 years.

Backline Service

When it comes to Backline Services, we want the artists to feel as similar as possible, to the feeling that they would have using their own equipment, on a full scale tour, using their trusted touring technicians. We provide quality new, and vintage, pieces of equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. The equipment is always clean, in working order, and set up, as the artist requests.

We consider TourBox a Services company, not a rental company. We will ALWAYS have technicians with the equipment, and set it up per the rider, typically, before the artist even arrives in the given city, or venue. Once the artist arrives, we want to be their "tech" for the day. We can assist with anything from stringing instruments, to simple repairs on traveling instruments, and between song hand-offs. We are not simply a rental company.

Production, Sound, and Staging

Tourbox was created as full service Production, and Sound Reinforcement Company. We offer services from producing an entire event, or show, to simple stage management. Here is a brief summary of our offereings:

Full Production

Whether you need sound for a private party, to a full scale event, TourBox, and our partners, have you covered. We own, or can source, everything from large festival stages, with line array speakers, and high tech lighting systems, and design, all the way to simple "speakers on sticks" systems, for a smaller event, or show.

Production, and Stage Management

If you are a venue, or event, with an in house audio visual system, or existing contracts with vendors, TourBox can still help your operation run smoothly, and on time. We have experienced staff who have worked with many sound companies, bands,and venues around the world, who can minimize time between acts, facilitate band, management, venue, and contractor communications, and keep your production running as smoothly as possible.

FOH Sound, and Monitor Engineering

TourBox can supply sound for your event, or venue, on a contract, or per show, basis. We have multiple sound systems available, or can help your venue make the right long term decisions for a permanent installation. We can also provide FOH, monitor, or combo, engineers, for one night, on a contract basis, or for your tour. We are blessed to have some of the top engineers in the country on our team.

Staging and Risers

Whether you need a large festival stage,  permanent venue stage, or simply a drum riser, TourBox is your choice.  We own our own mobile stage, and have access to mobile hydraulic stages of varying sizes.  We can also custom build stages, of varying shapes and sizes, for your venue, or event, available as a one time purchase, or as a rental.  We also have risers of varying heights in inventory, or can custom build one for you.