Why TourBox?

TourBox provides VALUE.  We provide high quality equipment, at a reasonable price, all while offering the best service in the industry.   We work as hard as possible, to make venues, promoters, artists, and tour managers, have as little worry, as possible. We are not simply a rental house.  We offer:

  • High Quality new, and vintage, equipment, that is properly maintained
  • Prices that are often well below that of our competition
  • Tour Experienced Technicians who are committed to providing the best customer experience possible
  • We advance shows as early, and simply, as possible, with maximum attention to detail
  • We are team players who go out of our way to  work  with, and help, everyone involved with a show
  • We are as professional on the business side of the business, as we are on the equipment side
  • We will cover one show, a regional run, or a tour
  • If we don't have what you need, we will find it

Simply put, our job is to make the day of the event, and event itself,  run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, at a fair price, so that everyone goes home happy.  Our Goal is to earn your repeat business.


We strive to take what we have learned as professionals, in the business world, and touring, to the Backline Services world.  These were borrowed from a very successful service organization.

  1. Sense of Urgency:  We are a service business.  We are not providing our best possible service if we do not react to requests in a timely manner.  
  2. People:  Treat all people we come in contact with, both on our team, and with acts, production teams, and the venues, with maximal respect.   
  3. Excellence:  Each member of the team must focuses on the job they are doing at any given time, and do it as well as they possibly can.  
  4. Customers:  We must always put our customers first, and exceed their expectations.
  5. Integrity:  Always do the right, and ethical thing.  Strive to be 100% upfront, and honest, in everything we do. 

If one member of the team lacks skills in an area, support them, and help build their skills.  If you ever feel one of our team members is not living up to these values, please make one of the other partners aware.  We want to be the best, and this feedback helps.